The Philosophy Art to Wear



The name of the brand, ‘’ STORY OF ANGELS ‘’ is closely linked to the company’s mission and the guy behind the magic, Mert Balci.

This creative team aim to create a sophisticated, uniq, cool Luxury young fashion with a very strong meaning behind it; ‘’ unconditional love ‘’. And the brand expressing itself under the philosophy of ‘’ Art to wear ‘’.


The main inspiration of the brand features, hand drown artworks with different cultural backgrounds with a uniq ethnic touches. And the magic of the mother nature with the underlying message ‘’ freedom of expressions with unity of cultures ‘’ .


With a focus on every small details, Story of Angels is a high-end, Uniq , Cool clothing line  with an edge of mystery and the definition of true Luxury. The brand is coming from alloborated cut&sew process and running through accurated choise of organic and sustainable  fabrics and also using the best materials, washing techniques. In this way , every uniq pieces has a soul with adding comfort an ergonomic style that transform a simple garment into a fantastic one. We care about lasting satisfaction, joy and we make our garments with love and passion.